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Support Wales' pro-independence voice

Want to keep up-to-date with all things #IndyWales?

Our goal is to raise £2,000 a month, which will allow us to

re-launch Gwalia as Wales' pro-independence voice.

Your support will help us spread news about Welsh independence to new audiences.

Strengthen Wales' Pro-Independence Voice

Our nation is at a critical juncture in its history. With the prospect of a second independence referendum in Scotland on the horizon, and the campaign for a United Ireland gaining momentum, the constitutional tectonic plates of these isles are beginning to shift.

The question, therefore, is whether Wales is prepared for such an eventuality? What will our nation's response be to this constitutional upheaval? 

At Gwalia we are resolute that the desirable outcome for Wales is to strive for our independence as a nation.

We believe that the alternative— a rump UK comprising Wales and England— is fundamentally unstable, and would ultimately lead to our de-facto (if not official) incorporation into England.

Do you want Wales to become an independent country or nothing other than an English county?

If that idea fills you with dread, then please support Gwalia today so that we can strengthen Wales' pro-independence voice.

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