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YesCymru members vote in favour of reforms

YesCymru members have voted in favour of a series of reforms.

Since Saturday, 9,782 members had been offered the chance to vote. 3,700 cast their vote at the close of counting at 5pm, Wednesday, December 15 2021.

2717 voted in favour of the motion, 489 voted against, 137 abstained, and 27 empty ballots were returned.

During the original process, it was discovered that a significant number of voters' memberships had lapsed. YesCymru said that all of those members had been contacted with a reminder and offered the chance to renew their membership.

The motion achieved the necessary two-thirds majority is needed to pass.

YesCymru outlined the steps that will now be taken:

  • YesCymru moves to be a company limited by guarantee with a new structure, Azets will begin the process immediately

  • Members will be transferred from the current YesCymru to the new YesCymru Cyf

  • The Articles of Association will be adopted

  • The nomination period for the election of Directors will open within the next week, the election itself will be held by the end of January

YesCymru also said that it will send out more information regarding the election for a new governing body early next week.

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