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YesCymru and AUOBCymru announce Wrecsam independence march and festival

(Image: Gwalia)

YesCymru and AUOBCymru have announced that an independence march will be held in Wrecsam on July 2.

The march will be part of a wider "independence festival" that will be held in the town over the weekend.

In an email sent to members, YesCymru said: "This will be the biggest, and indeed the most ambitious, march to date, with various events that will bring the call for independence to the whole of Wrexham". The pro-independence campaign group said that more details relating to the march will be released "over the next few weeks".

AUOBCymru organised three previous marches in Caerdydd, Caernarfon, and Merthyr Tudful in 2019. The Caerdydd and Merthyr Tudful marches attracted some 5,000 people, while the Caernarfon march attracted around 8,000. A trio of marches— due to take place in Wrecsam, Tredegar, and Abertawe— were also planned for 2020, but had to be cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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