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Welsh Govt announces 'action plan' to eradicate period poverty and ensure period dignity for all

(Image: Welsh Government)

An action plan to eradicate period poverty and ensure period dignity for all in Cymru has been announced today (Wednesday 20) by the Welsh Government.

Research shows 15% of girls in Cymru aged 14 to 21 have been unable to afford period products at some point, almost half of girls are embarrassed to talk about periods and over a quarter didn’t know what to do when their period started— issues which the Welsh Government is working to tackle.

Outlining the aims of the Period Dignity Strategic Action Plan— which is now open for consultation— Minister for Social Justice Jane Hutt said: “Periods are an issue for us all - we either have them or know someone who does. No-one should be disadvantaged because of their period and periods must never be a reason that a person misses out on education, employment or social activity. Everyone should have access to good quality period products, to use in a private space that is safe and dignified.

“That is why we are launching our Period Dignity Strategic Action Plan today; setting out a vision to eradicate period poverty, end the stigma around periods and achieve period dignity in Wales.”

Advancing gender equality and putting an equality focus at the centre of all it does is a key aspect of the Wales’ Programme for Government.

The Plan cuts across many areas of government, including health and education, and shares a vision to ensure that by 2026 Cymru is a nation where periods are fully understood, accepted and normalised; where it is widely recognised periods are not a choice and period products are not a luxury.

The Minister continued: “We want equitable access to period products across Wales and, crucially, to end the stigma, taboos and myths which exist around periods.

“We’re committed to ensuring no-one is ashamed or embarrassed about periods and can speak openly and confidently about them.”

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