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Welsh Conservatives pledge not to increase number of Seneddwyr

Welsh Conservatives leader Andrew RT Davies (Welsh Parliament)

The leader of the Conservative Party in Cymru Andrew RT Davies has said that there will be no increase in the number of politicians in the Senedd if his party wins the election in May.

Andrew RT Davies said that the country needed "more nurses and doctors, not more politicians.

"The priority for any party should be getting Wales on the road to recovery with a stronger economy and rebuilding our public services, not increasing the size of the Senedd."

Senedd electoral reform committee

In September 2020, a committee composed of Labour and Plaid Cymru MSs recommended that the Senedd should have 20 to 30 members more than the current 60 to reflect the expanded law-making powers of the parliament since its inception.

According to the electoral reform committee's expert panel, the current parliament is "too small to carry out its scrutiny, legislative and representative functions". It is estimated that the additional Seneddwyr would cost around £12m a year.

What have the other parties said?

In response to the Conservatives' comments, a Plaid Cymru spokesperson said: "This is yet another example of the devo-scepticism of the new Tory leader whose party - not content with cutting the number of Welsh MPs and clawing back our powers - now wants to silence the voice of the people of Wales."

A spokesperson for Labour said that the party's priority is to lead Cymru's recovery after the Covid-19 pandemic.

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