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'Wales can lead the way by creating a peaceful nation which doesn’t incite violence or oppression'

Several prominent organisations will hold a virtual meeting online on Thursday, 20 January to discuss the role of militarism in Cymru, with the aim of moving towards a non-violent Cymru.

This event has been organised by Cydeithas y Cymod / the Fellowship of Reconciliation in Cymru, which will involve organisations such as CND Cymru, Academi Heddwch Cymru and the Peace Pledge Union. The meeting will be the beginning of a discussion about the relationship between militarism and Cymru. There will be a strong emphasis on the link between militarism and the climate crisis.

The event will open with an introduction to militarism by Rob Idris of Cymdeithas y Cymod. Rob said: “Militarism is a totally destructive policy. By supporting military organisations and jobs in arms production, Wales is guilty of the crime of preparing to kill on a horrendous scale. It’s time to raise our voices against this.”

Rhun Dafydd, Chair of Cymdeithas y Cymod explains the reasons for holding the webinar in more detail: “Militarism is a symbol of violence in Wales on a daily basis, from its influence in our schools to the regular use of our land by the armed forces for military training. We felt there was an opportunity in the New Year to start a discussion around this and our desire for a non-violent Wales for the sake of the wellbeing of future generations”.

He added: “We are open to hearing voices from across communities in Wales to take part in this webinar so that we can hear the opinions and experiences of people from a wide range of backgrounds. I am convinced that Wales can lead the way by creating a peaceful nation which doesn’t incite violence or oppression.”

The webinar will lay the foundations for a clear message to the Welsh Government that we wish to see a non-violent Cymru.

Registration for the Webinar is taking place via Eventbrite. Simultaneous translation will be available during the event.

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