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Village of Nelson in Sir Gaerffili included on list of 'problematic' place names

Ffos y Gerddinen-Nelson (Image: Ashley0690 (CC BY-SA 3.0))

The village of Nelson in Sir Gaerffili has been included on a list of sites connected to the slave trade because it shares a name with Vice-Admiral Horatio Nelson.

Nelson, known for his role in the Napoleonic Wars, has been added to the 'Amber' category of Sir Gaerffili's traffic-light system of "culpability" for historical figures due to his suspected links to slavery.

The name Nelson however was not directly named after the historical figure, but rather took its name from a local tavern, The Lord Nelson Inn.

The settlement, which was on a drover's route, has historically been known by the Welsh language name Ffos y Gerddinen. The Lord Nelson Inn is said to have been built during the Battle of Trafalgar. As a result of the growth of the coal industry, the village grew around the tavern until the entire village became known as 'Nelson'.

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