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Tories criticise the Welsh Govt on social housing: 'Welsh Labour has once again set the bar so low'

Janet Finch-Saunders (Image: Welsh Parliament) Senedd (Image: Gwalia)

Welsh Conservatives MS Janet Finch-Saunders has criticised the Welsh Government's announcement today that it will build 20,000 low carbon social homes.

Ms Finch-Saunders said that Welsh Labour had "set the bar so low it will be almost impossible not to clear it".

However, the Welsh Government said the plans are "ambitious" and "will address a rising demand for housing and the climate crisis, providing good quality and affordable green homes to those who need them".

It also said that it has "doubled its spending on social housing for rent."

Responding to the announcement, Ms Finch-Saunders said: "The fact is that this new target would struggle to cover the social housing demand right now, let alone in the future".

The Welsh Government Minister for Climate Change, Julie James said that today's announcement “goes beyond Welsh housing need estimates."

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