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Torfaen by-election results

Folly Tower, Torfaen © Copyright Guto Evans (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Three council by-elections took place in Torfaen on Thursday; the final by-elections in the UK before the elections on 6 May.

The political make-up of the local authority can be broadly summarised as follows—Labour strongholds in the former industrial settlements, with the more rural wards along the eastern edge of the district being held by the Conservatives.

By-elections were held in Abersychan, Cwmynyscoy and, New Inn.

Neil McEvoy's newly established party, Propel, ran two candidates: Kieran Gething in Abersychan and Ben Evans in Cwmynyscoy.


The village and division of Abersychan is situated north of the town of Pont-y-pŵl in Cwm Llwyd.

Nearby is the former industrial town of Blaenafon, which is now a UNESCO world heritage site.

Abersychan (Torfaen) result:

LAB: 49.8% (+21.1)

IND (Hill): 17.4% (+17.4)

IND (Tomlinson): 17.3% (+17.3)

CON: 13.6% (+4.0)

PROP: 1.9% (+1.9)

Labour GAIN from Independent. No other Ind(s) (-61.6) as prev (2017).


South of Pont-y-pŵl is the division of Cwmynyscoy. Centred on Cwmynyscoy Road, most of the division is comprised of rural uplands. It also contains a local Coleg Gwent further education campus.

Cwmyniscoy (Torfaen) result:

LAB: 77.1% (+21.0)

IND: 14.9% (+14.9)

PROP: 8.0% (+8.0)

Labour HOLD. No UKIP (-43.9) as prev (2017).

New Inn

The New Inn division, along the eastern edge of Torfaen, has a very different character than the other two wards.

Its voting pattern is more similar to that of Sir Fynwy over the border and is therefore a reliable Tory ward.

New Inn (Torfaen) result:

CON: 53.8% (-0.9)

LAB: 28.9% (-1.7)

IND: 17.3% (+17.3)

Conservative HOLD. No other Ind (-14.7) as prev.

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