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"The Tories are the English Nationalist Party", says Welsh Labour MS

Welsh Government minister Lee Waters has described the Conservative Party as "the English Nationalist Party."

Mr Waters, who represents the constituency of Llanelli, made the comment in response to the suggestion that public broadcasters— such as the BBC and S4C— should be encouraged to play God Save the Queen "at the end of the day's programming."

The suggestion was put forward by Tory MP Andrew Rosindell, who represents the constituency of Romford.

Mr Rosindell, said: “I know that the minister will agree that the singing of the national anthem is something that provides great sense of unity and pride in our nation, and so in this year of the Queen’s platinum jubilee will the minister take steps to encourage public broadcasters to play the national anthem, and ensure that the BBC restore it at the end of the day’s programming before it switches to News 24?”

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