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'The mood of Welsh people is not a mood of thirsting for some spurious freedom day', says FM

Mark Drakeford (Image: Getty Images). Y Ddraig Goch (Image: Gwalia).

The First Minister Mark Drakeford has said that Covid restrictions will not be abandoned "wholesale" when they are next reviewed on Wednesday.

The First Minister said: "What it will not be will be a wholesale abandonment of the collective actions that we have taken during the pandemic and that continue to keep Wales safe in the face of a third wave of coronavirus."

The vast majority of restrictions in England will be scrapped on July 19— in what has been dubbed 'Freedom Day' in some quarters.

Speaking in the Senedd, Drakeford also said that he believes that the Welsh public continues to support his government's cautious approach to easing Covid restricitions.

He said: "I think the good news about the Welsh public is that people in Wales continue to support the careful and cautious way in which we have responded together to the virus in Wales. I think there is a genuine sense in Wales that this is not just a matter of personal responsibility.

"I can't speak for the post boxes of other Members of the Senedd, but my post box over the last week has been full of people writing to me asking the Welsh Government not to step aside from the sensible precautions that we have all been following together [...]

"...the mood of Welsh people is not a mood of thirsting for some spurious freedom day; it remains a cautious approach in which people want each one of us to go on playing our part".



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