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Sir Benfro councillor calls for the compulsory purchase of second homes

Second home (Image: Gwalia)

A Sir Benfro councillor has called for the compulsory purchase of second homes.

Cllr Michael Williams, who represents Gogledd Dinbych-y-pysgod, said that while he applauded a report carried out by Dr Simon Brooks on the second homes crisis he believes that its recommendations don't go "anywhere near far enough" and that they will "not reverse the current situation."

Williams said that Cyngor Sir Benfro should instead "investigate the possibility of the compulsory purchase of second homes of the type that would suit first time buyers."

Williams also said that the lack of affordable housing in the area was "chronic" and that as a result young people had been priced out of their communities.

He likened the situation to that of the indigenous population of northern America "when white settlers arrived."

He said that without "what might be perceived as quite drastic action" the community will "become unrecognizable"— if it continues to exist at all.

Williams also said that the "social, cultural and economic life" of the county was being eroded by an "influx of individuals who know nothing of our history, who move here because they say they love the area and within very few years campaign to change our basic values."

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