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Significant majority of Welsh adults want to keep Senedd, poll shows

Senedd at night

A new opinion poll carried out by Beaufort Research on behalf of the Western Mail has revealed that more than three times as many Welsh adults are in favour of retaining the Senedd rather than abolishing it.

The poll revealed that 61% of the Welsh public support keeping the Senedd versus 20% who believe that it should be scrapped. The remaining 19% said that they "didn't know."

According to the Western Mail, the poll was commissioned to gauge public opinion in light of recent opinion polling which indicates that the Abolish the Welsh Assembly party are on course to win a few seats in May's election.

Over the past few days, ten, or as many as 15, Abolish Senedd candidates have dropped out of the party.

The poll found that adults across all categories related to age groups, regions, and social grades were in favour of retaining the Senedd.

According to the Western Mail, the most supportive of the institution were Welsh speakers and those aged between 25 and 44, as well as those living in the midlands and west of the country.

Those most in favour of abolishing the Senedd are over 55s and people living in Caerdydd and the south east.

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