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Second homes crisis: ‘It’s cultural genocide by bank transfer’, say campaigners


Campaigners in the village of Llandudoch in Sir Benfro have launched a campaign against second homes in the community.

The village is no longer majority Welsh-speaking, due to an in-migration on non-Welsh speakers, and a proliferation of second homes.

Speaking to the Guardian, 16 year old Minna Elster Jones bemoaned the picturesque nature of her community, “I wish this place wasn’t as pretty as it is, so Instagrammable,” she said. “This is my home and the home of my ancestors. But I feel the place– and our language– is being lost, taken away from us. We’re being exploited.”

She says that the village had become unaffordable due to an increase in the number of second homes: “unless I win the lottery, I wouldn’t have a chance of buying here. My culture, my ethnicity, my language is at risk.”

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