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S4C sees increase in audience across all platforms

S4C (Image: Gwalia)

S4C has seen an increase in its viewership figures across all platforms, according to the Welsh-language channel's annual report released today.

S4C said that this proves "the values of the channel to the Welsh language and economy".

The report draws attention to the "essential role S4C has played in maintaining and promoting the Welsh language, with the aim of contributing to the target of reaching a million Welsh speakers by 2050".

With a variety of programmes which include drama, sport, news, entertainment, factual programmes, faith, children, and more, S4C said that it "offers the opportunity for people from all backgrounds to hear and enjoy Welsh across all genres".

The number of S4C Clic's viewing hours has increased by 45 per cent and 25 per cent on BBC iPlayer. Also, S4C Clic has succeeded in attracting 200,000 subscribers.

In addition to this, the average peak time viewing figures in Cymru went from 17,500 to 18,500— a six per cent increase.

S4C's weekly reach in Cymru increased from 306,000 to 321,000—a five per cent increase—and its weekly reach outside Cymru increased from 396,000 to 502,000— a 27 per cent rise).

S4C viewing hours throughout the UK have risen to their highest level in seven years.

Social Media

On social media, an area in which the channel has invested over recent years, viewing hours on S4C's main Facebook page rose 72 per cent year on year, with viewing hours on the main Twitter account rising by 87 per cent.

There were 28.5 million viewing sessions across S4C's Facebook pages during the year and S4C content was viewed 458,000 times a day on average during the year across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Hansh had more than 1.4 million viewing sessions in March 2020 (record) and viewing hours across S4C's YouTube channels were up 48 per cent during the year.

S4C Chief Executive Owen Evans said: "Covid has affected everybody over the last year.

"Despite this, S4C succeeded in its purpose and has ensured a more personal service to viewers than ever before.

"By tightening our relationship with our audience, our suppliers and partners, S4C re-defined the service putting the needs of the country at its heart.

"The reaction of the production sector to these extreme circumstances was flexible and swift and we thank them very much for this."

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