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S4C changes schedule in light of Prince Philip death

The Welsh-language public broadcaster S4C has announced that it will reschedule its television programming following the death of Prince Philip at Windsor Castle on Friday morning at the age of 99.

S4C released a statement saying:

"Yn sgîl newyddion y prynhawn yma ynglŷn â marwolaeth Tywysog Philip, Dug Caeredin, mae newidiadau i amserlen S4C.

"In light of this afternoon’s news about the death of Prince Philip, The Duke of Edinburgh, there are changes to S4C’s schedule."

Almost all of S4C's TV listing for the remainder of the day will be devoted to coverage of the late Duke of Edinburgh.


In response to a message on social media asking why the scheduling had been changed, S4C replied: "Mae marwolaeth Dug Caeredin yn ddigwyddiad o bwys, ac y mae’n iawn fod S4C yn rhoi sylw i’w farwolaeth."

Translation: "The death of the Duke of Edinburgh is a significant event, and it is only right that S4C acknowledges his death."

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