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Plaid MS asks to meet First Minister to discuss second homes crisis

Mabon ap Gwynfor (Image: Plaid Cymru). Second home (Image: Gwalia).

Plaid Cymru MS Mabon ap Gwynfor has written to the First Minister asking for a meeting to discuss the second homes crisis.

Mr. ap Gwynfor is Plaid Cymru's spokesperson on Housing and Planning, and represents Dwyfor Meirionnydd— the constituency with the highest percentage of second homes in the country.

Here's the letter in full (translated from the original Welsh):

"Dear Mark Drakeford, MS

"The second housing crisis in Wales has received considerable media attention over the past year.

"Dr Simon Brooks was commissioned to produce a report and make recommendations on how to tackle the crisis ahead of this year's general election. You have also had a meeting with Nefyn Town Council on the matter, and I know that many have contacted you through various means calling for the Government to take action.

"The Welsh Government is expected to receive a paper outlining a number of "practical proposals" aimed at tackling the second homes crisis, before the end of the month.

"You have recently mentioned that you have read Plaid Cymru's 5-Part Plan on this, and you have also mentioned your government's intentions to take action.

"Given all this, together with the fact that my constituency of Dwyfor Meirionnydd has the highest percentage of housing stock as second homes, and as Plaid Cymru's spokesperson on Housing and Planning, I would like to arrange a meeting with you, the relevant Minister and your officials to discuss the crisis as soon as possible please.

Yours faithfully,

Mabon ap Gwynfor"

Report on the crisis

Drakeford has previously said that the Welsh Government will respond to the recommendations made by Dr Simon Brooks of Swansea University in his report on the crisis.

Drakeford said: "Some listeners will know that an important report on this whole issue was published in March by Dr Simon Brooks at Swansea University. And we hope to respond to that report this month as well with a series of recommendations aimed, not only at the Welsh Government, but at local authorities as well."

The First Minister has also met with Cyngor Tref Nefyn—which represents a community that is particularly affected by second homes—to discuss the issue.

Second Homes

In recent years, second homes have become an increasingly contentious issue due to their adverse effect on communities and the Welsh language.

Second homes now account for more than 5% of the total housing stock in four local authorities:

  • Gwynedd - 10.76%

  • Sir Benfro - 9.15%

  • Sir Fôn - 8.26%

  • Ceredigion - 5.91%

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