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Plaid Cymru set to unveil 'most ambitious programme since 1945'

Adam Price (Mark Hawkins/Barcroft Media/Getty), Background Image: Cwm Rhymni

Plaid Cymru will today set out "the most ambitious and transformational programme offered by any party in any Welsh election since 1945".

Leader Adam Price will reveal his party's manifesto for the upcoming Senedd election on May 6, containing "fully costed policies" that will deliver a "fairer, greener, and more prosperous future" for the country.

Plaid says that the manifesto has been "fully costed and independently verified" by two of the country's eminent economists - Prof Brian Morgan and Prof Gerry Holtham.

Price will also commit to holding a referendum on independence by 2026, so that the people of Cymru will be able "to vote to take their own future into their own hands.”

Independence is an opportunity for the nations of the Atlantic Archipelago to work together in "a partnership of equals," says Price.

Speaking to the BBC, Price said that his manifesto offered "an outward looking vision, a forward looking vision."

Price is set to unveil the following policies:

The Best Start for Every Child

  • Free school meals for all primary school children; 4,500 extra teachers and support staff; reduced class sizes; free childcare for all from 24 months.

A Plan to Prosper

  • A £6bn Green Economic Stimulus to create 60,000 jobs; Guaranteed job or high-quality training for 16-24 year olds; zero-interest loans to support small businesses.

A Fair Deal for Families

  • Cut average Council Tax bill; £35 per child weekly top-up payment; 50,000 social and affordable homes; fair rents.

The Best National Health and Care Service

  • 1,000 new doctors; 5,000 new nurses and allied staff; free personal care at the point of need for the elderly; guaranteed minimum wage of £10/hour for care workers.

Tackling the Climate Emergency

  • Decarbonise and reach net zero by 2035; establish Ynni Cymru— an energy development company; Nature Act with targets to restore biodiversity by 2050.

Wales' Future in Wales' Hands

  • A referendum on independence by 2026.

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