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Plaid Cymru pledges 'Valleys CrossRail' to connect Treherbert to Pont-y-pwl

Tir-Phil Train Station, Cwm Rhymni

A Plaid Cymru government would establish a new development authority, Cymoedd, and create a Valleys CrossRail in a bid to regenerate the Valleys, according to the party's manifesto for the upcoming Senedd election.

According to Plaid Cymru, the Valleys "present many of our country’s greatest economic and social challenges."

The party has promised to establish Cymoedd— a new development authority— whose remit will be to drive the economic opportunities associated with the Valleys rail network.

Cymoedd will work in conjunction with Transport for Wales (TfW) to ensure the delivery of a new CrossRail for the Valleys, while TfW will be charged with constructing the rail lines and delivering the rolling-stock.

Cymoedd will promote business development adjacent to Metro stations and the main commuting corridors.

It will also support and develop community-driven renewable energy projects as set out in the party's 'Greenprint for the Valleys' document, authored by Rhondda MS Leanne Wood.

Plaid has said that it will also commission a feasibility study into constructing a new town along the Heads of the Valleys corridor.

'Valleys CrossRail'

The party's manifesto pledges to create a Valleys CrossRail that will connect Treherbert in the Rhondda to Pont-y-pŵl, via Pontypridd, Nelson (Ffos y Gerddinen), Ystrad Mynach, Hengoed, Blackwood (Y Coed Duon), Newbridge (Trecelyn), and Crymlyn.

The scheme aims to benefit more than 250,000 people, with a focus on economic and business development and urban regeneration.

Electric Bike Manufacturer

Plaid Cymru also plans to encourage active travel by establishing an electric bike manufacturer in the heart of the Valleys.

According to the manifesto, bikes will be mounted at every train station to facilitate "seamless travel".

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