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Plaid Cymru calls for Olympic-sized swimming pool for the north

Pwll nofio

An Olympic sized pool in the north could "create more opportunities for swimmers in the area", Plaid Cymru has said.

Plaid Cymru Spokesperson for Sport, Heledd Fychan MS, said that “swimmers in the north deserve the opportunity to fulfil their sporting potentials”.

The opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics games took place yesterday— kicking off a competition which includes a record six Welsh swimmers.

Ms Fychan said that the success of record breaking Welsh swimming representation raises questions around facilities available in the north— noting that many of the nearest Olympic sized pools are in fact across the border.

Ms Fychan said: “During the next few weeks, we will be watching many a Welsh athlete in a range of sports competing in the Olympic games, including a record breaking six Welsh swimmers.

“It’s undeniable that watching athletes that represent us on the world’s sporting stage draws so many of us in, not just the usual sporting crowd, and brings us together in our pride for Wales. It’s something we’ve already experienced so much of during this year’s European Championship campaign.

“But this success begs the question – how many talented swimmers from the north of Wales could have been taking part in these games if there was an Olympic sized pool in the north for them to train in? Could we be looking at seven, eight, nine or more Welsh swimmers making the team?

“As it stands swimmers in the north would have to travel to Manchester, Liverpool, Swansea or Cardiff to train, something which is bound to make it difficult or even impossible for a young athlete to pursue a sport they excel at.

“Establishing a Olympic sized pool in the north of Wales would avoid such a scenario – swimmers in the north deserve access to training facilities, and deserve the opportunity to fulfil their sporting potentials.”

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