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Party seeking independence from England releases manifesto

'Northumbria' (Image: Northern Independence Party)

The newly formed Northern Independence Party, which will be contesting the upcoming Hartlepool by-election on 6 May, has released its manifesto on Thursday (14 April).

The NIP was founded in October last year by Philip Proudfoot, an international development studies lecturer at the University of Sussex and former Labour Party activist from County Durham.

The NIP is campaigning on a platform to establish an independent northern English state, which it calls Northumbria after the historic kingdom.

Northumbria will cover the territory of what is now the north of England; from Cheshire in the south to the Scottish border in the north.

The NIP has caused a stir on social media since its launch last year, employing humour and 'shitposting' to boost its profile.

Former Labour Party MP Thelma Walker will be endorsed as the party's candidate for the Hartlepool by-election, which will take place on 6 May.

The main objective of the Northern Independence Party is to end the north-south divide in England.

"We do not live in a normal country. We live in the most unfairly centralised nation in the developed world, both economically and politically," the party's manifesto reads. "The level of inequality between the North and the South is not too different from a country recovering from a civil war."

The party is advancing a "democratic socialist" agenda and is aiming to repeat the SNP's success in replacing Labour.

Among the policies in the manifesto are:

  • Stronger protection for renters

  • Decriminalising cannabis and sex work

  • Broadband communism

  • Free school meals and staggered holidays

  • Relaxed sheep

  • Independent journalism



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