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One in three people living in unsafe or unaffordable housing

Elliots Town (Image: Gwalia).

One in three people across the country are living in either unaffordable or unsafe housing, according to a report released by the housing charity Shelter Cymru.

The charity has revealed that more than half a million people—one in six of the population—cannot keep their home warm in the winter.

Over one in four people (26%) are living in homes affected by significant condensation, damp, or mould problems. And 13% of the population—almost half a million—are living in homes that are not structurally sound or have faulty wiring or other fire-hazard risks.

The scale of the housing crisis is also taking its toll on people's mental health.

Around one in ten people report that their current housing situation is detrimental to their mental health or the mental health of their family.

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