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NHS Wales waiting times hit record levels

Markham Health Centre (Image: Gwalia)

NHS Wales waiting times for non-urgent treatment have hit a record high, according to new data.

In June, a total of 624,909 people were on the waiting list for non-urgent treatments— of those 233,210 had been waiting more than nine months.

In response to the data, the Welsh Government announced a further £140m to help NHS Wales tackle the treatment backlog built up during the COVID pandemic. This is in addition to an initial £100m announced in May.

The Welsh Conservatives' Shadow Health Ministers, Russel George said that the "devastating numbers" were a result of "Labour mismanagement."

Mr George also said that that the figures showed a "complete lack of leadership."

He said: “We have long been used to seeing devastating numbers in Wales due to Labour mismanagement. "But to record the worst ever A&E waiting times & the longest NHS treatment waiting list in the same month shows a complete lack of leadership."

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