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New Dyffryn Ogwen community project aims to tackle 'transport poverty' and loneliness

Siân Gwenllian MS and Hywel Williams MP opening the Dyffryn Gwyrdd project officially. (Image © Tom Simone)

Dyffryn Gwyrdd a new project by the Partneriaeth Ogwen—a social enterprise working for the benefit of the economy, environment and communities of Dyffryn Ogwen— has been officially launched.

The Dyffryn Gwyrdd project will focus on sustainability and the environment, while addressing mental well-being, different types of poverty, and rural isolation. It is funded by the National Lottery and runs for three years, from September 2020 to 2023.

Dyffryn Gwyrdd says that it will create a community transport plan, maintain social gardens, create systems for producing and distributing food and meals, increase volunteering opportunities, and improve skills and create jobs.

The project has also opened a new community hub on Bethesda High Street as a "centre for energy efficiency advice and support" for residents.

Dyffryn Gwyrdd hopes that the hub will "empower the communities of the valley" to realise "a vision of a fair, sustainable bilingual community working together to alleviate poverty through environmental collaboration".

The hub was officially opened by local Plaid Cymru politicians Siân Gwenllian and Hywel Williams.

Siân Gwenllian MS, who cut the ribbon at the new hub said: “This is the multifaceted approach that Wales needs.

“The Dyffryn Gwyrdd project addresses a host of issue facing the local community, doing so in a sustainable and green way that reaps rewards for the community.

“It shows the endless possibilities when communities come together for the benefit of local people.

“This great resource, right in the middle of Bethesda is just one example of the commendable work of Partneriaeth Ogwen.

“Communities like those in the Ogwen Valley face major challenges, but as they did during the pandemic, the communities have come together to establish something special.

“It’s particularly good to see the emphasis on acting within the greater context of the climate crisis, whether it be through the efforts to become a plastic-free community, the litter picks, or the planting of 200 oak trees.

“It was a genuine pleasure to officially open the hub in Bethesda, and I look forward to seeing Dyffryn Gwyrdd’s work going from strength to strength.”

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