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Majority of those who identify as 'Welsh only' would vote for independence

Cwm Rhymni (Image: Gwalia)

Newly released data from Cardiff University's Wales Governance Centre reveal that a majority of those who identify as 'Welsh only' would vote in favour of independence.

'Welsh only' was the only identity group that would vote to leave the United Kingdom.

Those who identify as 'Welsh only' account for 24% of the Welsh electorate, according to data taken from British Election Study Internet Panel.

The data show that those who identify as 'British and English', 'British and Welsh', 'British only', and 'English only' would vote overwhelming against independence.

In response to the findings, Richard Wyn Jones and Jac Larner of the Wales Governance Centre said: "Indeed, what is striking is the extent to which that proportion of the population that has long been most supportive of home rule, that is the Welsh only, has now shifted decisively to supporting independence."

The data were taken from the Wales Governance Centre's 2021 Welsh Election Study.

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