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London-based Telegraph labels Welsh Labour-Plaid Cymru Agreement a 'nationalist stitch-up'

Draig (Image: Gwalia)

Right-wing London-based news outlet The Telegraph has described The Co-operation Agreement between Welsh Labour and Plaid Cymru in the Senedd as a "nationalist stitch-up."

Bemoaning the Agreement the news outlet said that "it would be hard to imagine a programme more designed to scare investment away from the Principality and damage its growth prospects".

The Principality of Wales has not existed since 1536, and only ever encompassed two-thirds of modern Cymru at its greatest extent.

The Co-operation Agreement is a joint policy programme covering 46 areas, ranging from the delivery of free school meals to all primary school pupils; a commitment to take immediate and radical action to address the second homes crisis, to long-term reform of the Senedd.

Announcing the Agreement on Monday, First Minister Mark Drakeford said: “We can achieve more for people in Wales by working together and the Co-operation Agreement is both a response to the external challenges we face and a chance to build on the opportunities in our future. It will also help us secure a stable Senedd over the next three years, capable of delivering radical change and reform.

“These commitments build on our shared values of social solidarity, a sustainable planet and a vibrant democracy.”

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