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Lib Dems launch campaign promising a UBI trial and £1bn a year to tackle climate change

Jane Dodds (Welsh Liberal Democrats)

The Welsh Liberal Democrats will launch their Senedd election campaign today with a pledge to invest £1bn a year in "innovative and modern solutions to tackle the climate crisis."

Leader Jane Dodds is expected to announce that the Liberal Democrats are the "only party" to "put recovery first."

The party said that it will also trial a Universal Basic Income.

According to Dodds, "UBI is one of the most powerful tools we have to #PutRecoveryFirst - I am proud to support it!"

The party has also committed to free childcare and early-years education from the age of 9 months.

Other policies include:

  • Building 30,000 new social housing.

  • A £500m investment in high streets, towns, and city centres.

  • Freezing business rates for a period of five years— replacing them with a "fairer, more supportive system."

Minister for Education Kirsty Williams MS, who will step down before the election, is currently the party's only politician in the Senedd.

(More to follow...)

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