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ITV Wales leaders' debate postponed following death of Prince Philip

The Senedd, Bae Caerdydd

ITV Wales has announced that following the death of the Duke of Edinburgh on Friday morning, the channel's election debate programmes will be postponed by a week.

The Wales Decides leaders' debate was due to air on Sunday 11 April at 7:00pm, but has now been postponed until Sunday 18 April at 7:00pm.

Consequently, the linked programme featuring a debate between the leaders of the smaller parties has also been postponed by a week to Monday 19 April at 10.45pm.

Labour, the Conservatives, and Plaid Cymru announced on Friday afternoon that they would suspend their campaigning for the upcoming Senedd election until after the Senedd tributes session for Prince Philip which will take place on Monday, 12 April at 11:00am.

(More to follow...)

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