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Independence is a "bad idea at a bad time", says Welsh Lib Dems leader

Jane Dodds. © Callum James Littlemore (CC BY 4.0 International).

The leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats Jane Dodds has said that "independence is a bad idea at a bad time", while appearing on BBC Radio 4's Any Questions programme.

The Welsh Liberal Democrats leader appeared alongside Welsh Government Health Minister Vaughan Gething, Plaid Cymru MS Delyth Jewell, and the leader of the Conservatives in the Senedd Andrew RT Davies.

Discussing the topic of independence, Dodds said that now was not the moment for such a discussion, "We are right in the middle of an international global pandemic, and to talk about independence when actually what we should be talking about is people's jobs, people's health, mental health— you know independence will not solve anything at all."

'Not the time, not the priority'

Responding to Plaid Cymru's Independence Commission report on 25 September 2020, which the party described as "a mix of fanatical politics and pie in the sky economics", Dodds said that the alternative to independence is a "truly federal United Kingdom."

In this scenario, The Senedd, the Scottish Parliament, and Northern Ireland Assembly would have their powers "protected" and could not be "over-ruled by the Westminster government".

Speaking at the time, Dodds said:

“The idea to reform the UK to a federal nation similar to Canada and Germany is a constructive middle way between a centralising Westminster government and a dash for independence from the nationalists.
“It replaces division with the co-operation which is needed to heal the existing divisions and to build a better future for everyone.”


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