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Gwynedd's Cabinet to consider piloting sites to 'control the use of motor homes in the county'


With an increase in the number of people choosing to visit Gwynedd in motor homes, the Council is considering running a scheme to pilot measures to improve management of the sector.

The Council has carried out "detailed research" and says that it has sought opinions on the management of motor homes in the county.

Looking to Europe

A report to be considered by Cyngor Gwynedd's Cabinet recommends piloting the use of up to six Council parking sites that would provide facilities for motor homes to stay overnight. Enforcement work would be undertaken in conjunction with the pilot and a further report would be submitted to the Cabinet to consider the matter in due course.

Councillor Gareth Wyn Griffith, Gwynedd Council's Cabinet Member for Environment, said: “Gwynedd has become a very popular destination for visitors in motor homes over the years, and there is a noticeable increase in the number of people who own these vehicles.

“Due to this growing popularity, we as a Council are keen to consider how best to manage the situation for the future. We have carried out detailed research including considering how other parts of Europe manage the field.

"It is clear that national legislation going back to the 1960s needs to take account of this developing field. It is necessary to question whether the legislation is now fit for purpose, and we will therefore be sending the findings of our research to the Welsh Government and call on them to urgently review the legislation.

“We have also sought views and are very grateful for the responses - the comments presented have highlighted the desire for better management of the situation.

“As part of the next steps, a report will be submitted to Cabinet recommending measures for us to pilot similar arrangements to how other areas across Europe manage the sector.

“There will be a proposal to use parts of some of the Council's car parks for the provision of overnight accommodation for motor homes as a pilot project. This would allow us to see if this arrangements better managed the situation, and to consider whether it would help us to have better management in the county in the future. If the Cabinet consents, work will proceed to secure the relevant rights before any developments.”

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