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Green Party launches manifesto promising a UBI, free university, and support for independence

Wales Green Party: Manifesto 2021

The Wales Green Party has today launched its manifesto for the upcoming Senedd election on 6 May.

The manifesto sets out plans to build 12,000 new homes a year, to introduce a Universal Basic Income, and to scrap university tuition fees.

A Green Transformation Fund for Wales will be set up to raise the finance necessary to tackle the pandemic and climate crisis.

The party also supports Welsh independence and is promising to campaign for the cause in a future referendum. The Scottish Greens also back independence.

Ahead of the launch, Deputy Leader Amelia Womack said: “I am proud to announce an exciting manifesto which presents a sensible plan to ensure Wales has a secure future.”

In the introduction to the manifesto, Wales Green Party leader Anthony Slaughter states: "At a time of climate crisis, health crisis and democratic crisis, Greens in the Senedd will make the difference that is needed."

The manifesto outlines a 10-point 'Green Guarantee', which articulates the party's vision for Cymru:

1. Green New Deal and the Economy:

  • To creating tens of thousands of new Green jobs across Cymru, and investing in carbon reducing infrastructure.

  • A Green Transformation Fund for Wales to raise the finance necessary to tackle the pandemic and climate crisis.

  • Immediate introduction of a UBI.

2. Climate Emergency and Nature Crisis

  • Tackling the climate emergency and restoring nature.

  • A Green vision for net zero by 2030.

  • A new 'Welsh Government Commissioner for Biodiversity and Animal Protection' to reverse the decline of biodiversity.

3. Housing

  • Build 12,000 new homes every year, meeting the highest environmental and energy efficiency standards— the majority of which will be social housing.

  • Retrofitting existing housing stock to the highest energy efficient standards to lift thousands out of fuel poverty.

4. Health and Care

  • Safeguarding the NHS as a free at the point of delivery and publicly funded body. Ensuring the necessary funding to increase capacity.

  • An All-Wales strategy for cancer treatment.

5. Education

  • Stop the ongoing closure of small rural schools.

  • Access to electronic devices for all children and a structured programme of work for when children are unable to attend school.

  • Scrap higher and further education fees for initial degrees.

6. Energy

  • Create an innovative green energy economy funded by the Green Transformation Fund for Wales.

  • Faster development and deployment of green energy technologies (wave, tidal stream, and tidal lagoon energy; onshore and offshore wind; solar power; hydropower; district heat networks; a new hydrogen economy and storage)

7. Transport

  • Better, affordable, cleaner transport options for all

  • An integrated national transport strategy will aim to reduce traffic and carbon emissions; improve health and well-being; improve air quality; and respond to the climate emergency.

  • Resist attempts to revive the cancelled M4 relief road.

8. Welsh language and Culture

  • Ensure that the Welsh language continues to be a living language and that citizens of Cymru can live their lives in Welsh.

  • Safeguard and create bilingual communities where the Welsh language can thrive.

  • Ensure that the arts have a key place in society.

9. Democracy and Local Government

  • Oppose the post-Brexit Westminster power grab and all attempts to recentralise control of development funds.

  • Strengthen local democracy through increased citizen engagement through citizen’s juries, people’s assemblies, and similar bodies.

  • Update the election law of 2001.

10. International

  • Supports the aspiration for an independent and fully democratic Cymru.

  • Will campaign for Cymru to secede from the United Kingdom in any future referendum.

  • Strengthen Cymru's bonds with its European neighbours.

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