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Giving this Gwynedd business a Welsh-only name was "a natural decision"

(Image: Ar Goedd)

Osian Wyn Owen founded Ar Goedd in 2020 to "respond to the unprecedented challenges faced by small business in Wales in the face of Covid-19".

According to Owen, who now lives in Caernarfon, the decision to give the public relations business a Welsh-only name was "completely natural."

Mr Owen said: “The Welsh language is as much a part of the area’s way of life as the landscape and the people.

“Speaking Welsh is as natural as breathing. And using the Welsh language isn’t just ‘the right thing to do’, it’s also wise from a business perspective.

“Just like water or wind, the Welsh language is a natural resource available to us.

“Also, as Wales begins to re-imagine tourism, we need to start discussing the role that the Welsh language and the Welsh identity plays in the future of that industry.

“Wales needs to start creating a form of sustainable tourism (ecologically, economically, and linguistically) and the Welsh language and culture have a major role to play in that type of tourism.

“But more fundamentally, the decision to give my company a Welsh-only name was a natural decision. We're in Gwynedd after all."

The story behind the name Ar Goedd

Owen explained: “‘Ar goedd’ is a Welsh language phrase. If someone says something ‘ar goedd’, they say it publicly, openly, in the sight or hearing of all.

“The Welsh word ‘coedd’ derives from the word ‘cyhoedd’, meaning ‘the public.’

“The closest adaption I can offer in English is to say something “aloud.” But I don’t think that quite cuts it.

“There is a far more appropriate phrase in Latin. Coram populo. Meaning ‘in the presence of the people; publicly.’

“I chose to name the company Ar Goedd because that is my vision.

“To shout about Welsh businesses, Welsh services, and Welsh ideas, and to do so publicly and openly. To do it ar goedd.”

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