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Former Labour candidate joins Plaid Cymru and announces support for independence

Y Ddraig Goch (Image: Gwalia).

A former Labour candidate has announced his support for independence and departure from the party in order to join Plaid Cymru.

Eifion Williams, who stood for Labour in Aberconwy in the 2011 Senedd election, and in Caernarfon in the 1997 Westminster election, has said that independence is the only protection against Tory cronyism at Westminster.

In an article on Plaid Cymru Wrecsam's blog, Williams said that devolution would not be able to "take the strain" of Tory governments in Westminster intent on "attacking" the health service in Cymru.

He said: "I don't want to have to fight Westminster every 20 years to wrestle our health service back; I want something more stable when our lives are at stake."

Williams also said that while Cymru "wants to be a team player", the current United Kingdom wants be "isolated in the world."

"It’s the current UK - a UK of cronyism, of being isolated in the world, of spending billions on weapons, of now pushing a one-size-fits-all culture that dismisses all else with distain - that fills me with fear."

Williams said that the only way to stop the country "from getting bullied in Boris’s Brexit Britain" is to "change" the political landscape by voting for Plaid Cymru on 6 May.

Williams no longer believes in Labour's ability to stand up to the Tories and sees independence as the only way for the country to get the government it votes for.

He said: "As Wales has never voted for the Tories in its history, an independence referendum will allow the democratic will of Wales to be realised at every election."

“The UK was always run by Etonians but now, there's no stopping them. If you’ve voted against that over the years, you should now be working for an independent Wales as we’ve never voted Tory, not once."

Responding to the announcement, Plaid Cymru MS Llŷr Gruffydd said: "Eifion is a much respected environmental and community campaigner in the area and throughout Wales and I'm very pleased to welcome him on board. It's a symptom of a far wider trend of former Labour activists and supporters coming over to Plaid Cymru in this area and I'm delighted to welcome him on board."



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