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Fleet of 50 e-bikes and six electric stations launched in Caerdydd

(Image: Cyngor Caerdydd Council)

Fifty electric bikes hit the streets of Caerdydd this week as the city's OVO Bikes scheme, operated by nextbike, becomes "more accessible than ever".

The fleet of 50 OVO e-bikes and six electric stations launched on Thursday (August 26th), when the public were able to see the OVO Bikes in action for the first time in the city. A further 75 e-bikes and nine stations will be rolled out "at a later date", taking the fleet up to 125 e-bikes.

The launch means that riders will be able to use an OVO e-bike to cycle between Caerdydd and Bro Morgannwg, as the schemes are linked for the first time— which "has long been an ambition for nextbike, Cardiff Council and the Vale of Glamorgan Council".

A fleet of 50 e-bikes was launched in Penarth last year, and have proved "incredibly popular with the public."

E-bikes are a combination of a conventional bike with a motor that take some of the effort out of pedalling for the rider. With top speeds of 25 km per hour, the e-bikes can cover "greater distances faster and with less effort".

The OVO e-bikes, which will join the existing Caerdydd fleet of 1,000 standard OVO bikes, were made possible thanks to funding from Cyngor Caerdydd and the Welsh Government.

E-bike rental will cost £1 per 30 minutes for customers, with monthly or annual membership or £2 per 30 minutes on a pay as you ride basis. E-bikes must be returned to e-bike stations or additional fines will be applied.

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