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Fewer university students studying through the medium of Welsh

(Image: Gwalia)

The number of students learning some of their degree through the medium of Welsh has fallen from 5,940 to 5,635 in the past academic year.

The number of those studying at least 5, has also decreased.

Those studying 40 credits has remained stable, while those studying 80 and 120 credits has increased.

The overall reduction has come predominantly from students studying less than five credits in Welsh.

Education was the most popular subject taught through Welsh. One in every five students with some teaching in Welsh were studying Education.

The number of academic staff able to teach in Welsh has decreased by 3% compared to 2018/19.

Fluent Welsh speakers

Almost one third of students in Cymru, who consider themselves fluent in Welsh, were studying part of their degree through Welsh.

7% of fluent Welsh speakers were studying mainly through Welsh (120 credits in Welsh).

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