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Eisteddfod AmGen Cadair and Coron Unveiled

Y Goron (Image: Eisteddfod Genedlaethol)

The Eisteddfod Genedlaethol has unveiled the Cadair (Chair) and Coron (Crown) that will be awarded in this year's Eisteddfod AmGen.

The Cadair and Coron were both crafted at the Eisteddfod workshop in Llanybydder by Tony Thomas, the Eisteddfod's Technical Officer and craftsman.

Mr Thomas used ash wood for the Cadair, which is sponsored by J&E Woodworks Ltd, Llanbedr Pont Steffan. He said. “I wanted the Chair to be made out of light wood. It's also very strong and flexible, which makes it perfect for creating an Eisteddfod Chair. We've been lucky to get the timber locally, and it's quite special that the Chair is being created within a few miles of where the trees fell a few years ago.”

Unusually, this year's Coron has also been crafted out of wood— being predominantly made of Mahogany with "elements made from Welsh oak".

Mr Thomas said: “Creating a Crown out of wood is quite a challenge. When working with metal, you can re-shape it if something goes wrong, but everything has to be perfect first time when you’re working with wood, or you just have to start again. And there are no screws or nails near the Chair or Crown. Everything fits together in the natural and traditional way.”

Mr Thomas also said that he wanted to create a clear link between the designs for both the Cadair and Coron this year. He said: “I wanted to create a feeling of belonging, a link between the Chair and the Crown which we haven’t seen before.” Like the Chair, the idea of the Gorsedd Stones also appears on the Crown, and again, the concept of the hand embracing the winner seems clear here. The design is simple and effective, with everything done by hand. ”

The ceremonies will be held at the BBC’s Central Square centre in Caerdydd, with the Crowning Ceremony held on Wednesday evening, August 4. A winner for the Cadair—if one is selected— will be announced on Friday night, August 6.

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