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Drakeford leaves door open to Plaid Cymru coalition

Mark Drakeford (Image: Getty Images). Adam Price (Image: Mark Hawkins/Barcroft Media/Getty.

The First Minister and Welsh Labour leader Mark Drakeford has hinted that he would be happy to come to political arrangement with another party, most plausibly Plaid Cymru, after the Senedd election if his party failed to secure an outright majority.

Meanwhile, Plaid Cymru leader Adam Price has adopted a more bullish stance during the campaign, saying that he expects an "historic result" for his party.

Speaking on Sky's 'Sophy Ridge on Sunday', Drakeford accepted that it would be a "fantastic result" if his party could repeat its 2016 performance, where it secured 29 seats.

He said: "We started the campaign with opinion polls telling us that Labour would win only 22 seats. To match our 2016 election result, particularly in the current circumstances, I think would be a very high watermark for us."

Opinion polls suggest that Labour would fall several seats short of a majority and would need to come to an arrangement with another party to form a sustainable government.

The most plausible option would be a political arrangement with Plaid Cymru, but leader Adam Price has already said that he would not accept a junior-partner position in that eventuality.

A YouGov poll, conduced between 18-21 April, revealed that two thirds of Plaid Cymru voters would be happy to form a coalition with Labour.

Mark Drakeford said that he would only countenance a "progressive" approach to government in the event that his party would have to work in a coalition.

He said: “We’ve always worked across party lines, where other progressive parties can agree on a programme for government.

“That’s always been the way I approach it, I’m not interested at all in political fixes – if we need to work with other parties, let’s see if we can have a progressive programme for a progressive nation.”



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