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Cymru will look "quite different" to England in a few years' time, says Adam Price

Adam Price (Image: Mark Hawkins/Barcroft Media/Getty. (Senedd: Gwalia).

Plaid Cymru Leader Adam Price has said that Cymru will more closely resemble a Scandinavian country as a result of the Co-operation Agreement between his party and the Welsh Labour Government.

Speaking to ITV Cymru's The New Normal Podcast, Price said that policies such as free school meals for all primary pupils, and the extension of childcare for two year olds, means that Cymru will "look quite different and in just a few short years."

Price said that such "very concrete, tangible policies" will also mean that Cymru will diverge further from England, which he said is being run by a "regressive Westminster Conservative government".

He said: "Also the very concrete, tangible policies like free school meals and the extension of free childcare for two year olds means that we're going to look quite different and in just a few short years, both to the Wales of today, but also ... to the country next door, which is run by a fairly, in my view, regressive Westminster Conservative government.

Price said that this diverging policy agenda will result in Cymru becoming more "independent", and will mean that it comes to more closely resemble Scandinavian countries.

He said: "So in a sense, Wales is becoming more independent through its policies, and it will look different in terms of its social policies, a little bit closer to some of those Scandinavian countries where they are also practising this form of co-operative politics."

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