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Cymru faces imminent housing crisis, new Bevan Foundation research reveals

New insights gathered by YouGov on behalf of the Bevan Foundation reveal the extent of the impact that the pandemic has had on the country.

The findings reveal that a staggering one in ten households live in insecure housing. 80,000 households have already had to find a new home, or been notified that they will have to find a new home.

This is despite action taken by the UK and Welsh Governments to protect people’s homes over the duration of the pandemic.

Among other key findings set out in the report are:

  • Incomes are still falling but not for everyone – More than one in five households with a net income of less than £20,000 have seen their income drop since January 2021. For households with a net income of more than £40,000, more than one in five have seen their incomes increase.

  • Living costs are still rising – Households across Cymru have seen their living costs increase. Social renters and parents and guardians have been especially badly affected by rising costs.

  • Living standards are being squeezed – Thousands of households are having to cut back and ration their use of the essentials we all need to live with dignity. Low-income households, renters, disabled people, lone parents, and adults aged between 25 and 64 more likely to have had to cut back on everyday essentials than other groups.

  • Personal debt is a major problem – Since January 2021, 10 per cent of Welsh households have fallen behind on a bill whilst 17 per cent have borrowed money to pay a bill. Low-income households, renters, disabled people, lone parents, and adults aged between 25 and 64 are more likely to be behind on a bill or have borrowed money than others.

  • Many households expect little improvement over the summer – One in five households are worried about having to cut back further on everyday items over the next three months, with others worried about falling behind on a bill or having to borrow money.



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