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Countdown to Net Zero... How do the parties compare?

Wind Turbine, Cwm Rhymni. (Image: Gwalia)

Ahead of May's Senedd election, Labour, Plaid Cymru, and Wales Green Party have set out their policies about how to tackle climate change.

A useful metric for understanding a party's commitment to tackling climate change is the date by which it aims to achieve 'net zero'— which refers to achieving net-zero carbon dioxide emissions.

How do the parties compare?

The Wales Green Party has the most ambitious deadline by which to achieve net zero, with a commitment in its manifesto to achieve this target by 2030.

Plaid Cymru has also set itself an ambitious target for achieving net zero emissions, vowing to do so by 2035.

While Welsh Labour makes no reference to net zero specifically in its election manifesto, it has previously committed to achieving net zero emissions by 2050— in line with the UK Government's own target.

In a Welsh Government document published on 9 February 2021, the Labour government said that it would enshrine this target in law, stating that it has "ambitions to get there sooner."

The Welsh Conservatives and the Welsh Liberal Democrats have yet to release their election manifestos, but have previously given some indication as to when they aim to achieve this milestone.

Launching their campaign in March, the Welsh Conservatives set out their aim of making the country net zero by 2050, in line with the UK government.

The Welsh Liberal Democrats have yet to release their manifesto, but the party's Senedd candidate for Gorllewin Caerfyrddin a De Sir Benfro, Alistair Cameron, has previously stated that his party is committed to reaching net zero by 2045.

2045 was the date set by the Liberal Democrats in their 2019 General Election manifesto.

Cameron said: “The Liberal Democrats have an ambitious, but achievable, plan to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2045, five years sooner than the current target of 2050."



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