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Change of leadership "important" to take Cymru in a "new direction", says Price

The leader of Plaid Cymru Adam Price has said that it is “essential” for Cymru to go in a new direction after the upcoming Senedd election.

Speaking to Hiraeth Podcast, Mr Price was asked about possible post-election negotiations and whether or not Plaid Cymru might enter into a coalition with Labour.

"I'm a pluralist by nature. I think that co-operation isn't a bad thing. We need more co-operative attitudes in politics in general if we're going to solve our problems. I think for us if we're short of a majority then by its nature that requires co-operation," said Price.

Mr Price also said that Welsh politics has been "going a little bit around in circles" for the last 20 years and has been stuck facing the same problems.

“We've been on a particular path for the last 20 years, more or less, and just more of the same isn't going to deliver the step change in all of the areas we want to see progress in, economically and socially," said Price.

Change of Leadership

Mr Price also stressed that a change in leadership in the Senedd was necessary for the country to move forward in a new direction and to secure political change.

“That's why leadership change is important, because its only through leadership change I think that you can get a change in the ideas and the vision that's going to drive a genuinely transformational programme."

During the podcast, Mr Price also reiterated the importance of having new governance in the Senedd:

"I think, once you've been in power that long, whichever political party - Labour's been in power since 1997 [...] Political parties run out of steam, they run out of ideas, and I just really sense that is the core problem in Wales at the moment, there's not even enough critical challenge coming from within the Labour Party."

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