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Campaigner for Welsh-speaking communities says he received death threats from the English Far Right

Simon Glyn (Image: BBC) (Edited by Gwalia)

Simon Glyn, a prominent campaigner on behalf of Welsh-speaking communities, has revealed that he had received death threats from the English Far Right for comments that he made in an interview with BBC Radio Cymru in 2001.

Mr. Glyn said that an in-migration of English retirees threatened the survival of Welsh-speaking communities and Welsh-language culture.

In an interview with BBC Cymru Fyw recalling the events, the Plaid Cymru councillor for Tudweiliog said (translated from Welsh): "Extreme right-wing people in England were sending me letters with all sorts of pictures showing my head falling off, guns and so on and I was being shot.

"I was scared personally, and I didn't admit it until now, and I was scared for my family at the time."

Mr. Glyn said that he was "afraid of going to sleep, at one point" because of the threats.

He also said that he gained confidence because of the support that he had received from the people of Cymru.

He said: "I gained the confidence because my fellow Welsh people were standing with me and I felt I was one of thousands rather than one alone. "I didn't think that there would be a feeling of sympathy among Welsh speakers and the feeling that someone was being wronged. That was what sustained me at the time."


Simon Glyn's original comments made on BBC Radio Cymru in 2001:

"We are faced with a situation now where we are getting tidal waves of migration, inward migration into our rural areas from England, and these people are coming here to live to establish themselves here, and to influence our communities and our culture with their own."

"Between 90% and 100% of all homes being put on the market are sold to outsiders.

"Once you have more than 50% of anybody living in a community that speaks a foreign

language, then you lose your indigenous tongue almost immediately.

"In my opinion, it is no use to the community to have retired people from England coming down here to live and being a drain on our resources."



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