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Breton political alliance wants to cut down on second homes

Lokmikael-an-Traezh, Brittany

A new Breton political alliance, Bretagne d'Avenir, which will contest the regional elections in Brittany in June 2021, is pledging to create a resident status in Brittany.

The alliance, led by Claire Desmares Poirrier, is composed of a number of environmental and devolutionist parties, including Europe Écologie Les Verts, Union démocratique bretonne, Ensemble sur nos territoires, Nouvelle Donne, Génération écologie, and Bretagne Écologie.

The alliance aims to tackle the surge in second home ownership and soaring house prices engendered by the pandemic.

Brittany's rural and coastal character has made it an attractive location for those looking to escape towns and cities amid the health crisis.

Minimum one-year residency

To mitigate the housing crisis Bretagne d'Avenir is seeking to introduce a resident status in Brittany, which would require potential buyers to have lived in Brittany for at least one year before they are able to purchase a property.

The aim of the measure is to act "in favour of regional balance and preserve the vitality of small towns," it says.

'Worrying' situation

The alliance says that the measure does not aim to close the door to incomers altogether, rather it seeks to prioritise the needs of local people and to encourage permanent residence over temporary inhabitance.

Parts of Brittany, especially the coast, have become increasingly inaccessible to locals who are being priced out of the market. "The situation is more than worrying," says the alliance.

As a result, evermore Bretons are being forced to live further away from their workplaces, leading to more housing developments in the countryside. In turn, this leads to environmental destruction.



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