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Adam Price accuses Welsh Government of 'letting down' NHS staff

Plaid Cymru leader Adam Price (Image: Plaid Cymru)

Plaid Cymru leader Adam Price, has accused the Welsh Government of "letting down" NHS staff, after all four of the largest NHS unions voted to reject the pay offer of 3 per cent.

In First Ministers Questions (Tuesday 5 October), Adam Price pointed out that the 3 per cent is a “kick in the teeth for thousands of healthcare workers” given the rising cost of living.

During the debate, Mr Price was "heckled" by Labour back benchers— a situation which the Plaid leader described as “incredible.”

Adam Price, Leader of Plaid Cymru, said: “For many NHS workers most of the 3% rise has already more than cancelled by this month’s rise in NHS pension contributions. The new health and social care levy will wipe out almost half next year’s rise. And that’s even before you consider the cost of living crisis, and the erosion of pay over the last eleven years that even the Pay Review Body acknowledged.

“With 1,600 vacancies in the NHS in Wales, the government must do all it can to convince those that remain that they should stay – imposing a below-inflation pay award is not the way to do this.

“Can you really blame them when NHS staff feel let down, undervalued and ignored?”

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