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32% support independence, new poll shows

Independence march, Merthyr Tudful. Image: Llywelyn2000 (CC BY-SA 4.0).

A new opinion poll, conducted by Savanta ComRes between 23 - 28 April, has revealed that 32% of the Welsh public would support independence, once 'undecided' voters are excluded.

The new findings are consistent with a series of opinion polls that show around a third of the population supports independence.

ITV reporter Paul Brand said: "The poll shows support for Welsh independence continues to solidify, at around a third of the population."

The poll asked respondents how they would vote if an independence referendum were held tomorrow, with the question "Should Wales be an independence country?"

Excluding 'undecided':

Yes: 32%

No: 68%

With 'undecided':

Yes: 27%

No: 58%

Undecided: 14%

(More to follow...)

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